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StreamingBroadcasting is now a huge part of gaming. With easier ways of streaming with the likes of Mixer and Twitch being native on the Xbox One almost anyone can stream.

Below is a list of Xbox PUBG users who are currently online playing PUBG and who are currently streaming.

Online Broadcasters (10)

Gamer Pic KRYPTiK MiSTiK
Level: 72
401 50 02m 23s
Gamer Pic ScRounGedBoWL
Level: 80
355 29 02m 23s
Gamer Pic JD Skedaddle
Level: 88
1,762 164 02m 25s
Gamer Pic AllProNotorious
Level: 79
809 46 02m 29s
Gamer Pic jimmyblxnts007
Level: 14
11 4 02m 40s
Gamer Pic aTruBeast20
Level: 64
150 14 07m 23s
Gamer Pic DrewStillStone
Level: 52
112 10 07m 37s
Gamer Pic JJcackle70
Level: 78
1,298 111 07m 38s
Gamer Pic JGraft0n
Level: 86
1,967 245 07m 38s
Gamer Pic BuckNasty McRib
Level: 68
1,077 157 07m 41s

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