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PosGamertag KillRidingWalking
1 bamluck (na) 2,323m 2,843.05km 4,530.38km
2 bamluck (as) 2,323m 362.69km 1,074.74km
3 bamluck (eu) 2,323m 381.48km 1,141.08km
4 bamluck (oc) 2,323m 362.69km 1,074.74km
5 Capilokojp (sa) 1,413m 3,620.83km 5,780.31km
6 Capilokojp (na) 1,413m 3,565.89km 5,595.98km
7 I AM S0X (na) 866m 4,353.56km 7,716.21km
8 Leave None (as) 801m 9,332.92km 13,667.69km
9 Leave None (eu) 801m 9,332.92km 13,667.98km
10 Leave None (oc) 801m 9,332.92km 13,667.69km
11 Leave None (sa) 801m 9,332.92km 13,667.69km
12 Ivankeito (na) 728m 9,596.87km 14,044.41km
13 Ivankeito (as) 728m 4,529.88km 8,507.49km
14 Ivankeito (eu) 728m 4,647.04km 8,702.64km
15 Ivankeito (oc) 728m 4,515.27km 8,500.30km
16 Ivankeito (sa) 728m 4,863.78km 9,398.42km
17 ALPHAxLEG3ND (na) 718m 8,017.51km 11,231.43km
18 ALPHAxLEG3ND (sa) 718m 7,148.39km 9,861.88km
19 ALPHAxLEG3ND (as) 718m 7,148.39km 9,861.88km
20 ALPHAxLEG3ND (eu) 718m 7,156.87km 9,938.33km
21 ALPHAxLEG3ND (oc) 718m 7,148.39km 9,861.88km
22 oK Jroc (na) 707m 18,430.01km 12,096.27km
23 oK Jroc (as) 707m 17,454.21km 10,943.83km
24 oK Jroc (eu) 707m 17,479.94km 10,967.60km
25 oK Jroc (oc) 707m 17,454.21km 10,943.96km
26 oK Jroc (sa) 707m 17,454.21km 10,943.83km
27 burpandfart (na) 707m 4,905.15km 9,300.30km
28 KickingWing1220 (na) 696m 2,261.90km 3,130.61km
29 MIGHTY MIKE LoL (na) 696m 10,394.01km 10,927.66km
30 Nicholson81 (na) 691m 8,808.89km 11,362.68km
31 Nicholson81 (as) 691m 5,298.43km 8,125.10km
32 Nicholson81 (eu) 691m 5,298.43km 8,125.20km
33 Nicholson81 (oc) 691m 5,298.43km 8,125.10km
34 Nicholson81 (sa) 691m 5,298.43km 8,125.10km
35 OilyDude622 (na) 683m 3,318.59km 4,945.91km
36 OilyDude622 (as) 683m 2,267.24km 3,140.33km
37 OilyDude622 (sa) 683m 2,267.24km 3,140.33km
38 TheFabricioo (sa) 675m 6,662.35km 14,083.77km
39 TheFabricioo (na) 675m 6,704.03km 14,260.49km
40 TheFabricioo (as) 675m 6,651.69km 14,054.99km
41 TheFabricioo (oc) 675m 6,651.69km 14,054.99km
42 TheFabricioo (eu) 675m 6,651.69km 14,054.99km
43 iFury OP (eu) 672m 7,084.16km 11,627.65km
44 SirPhillyDilly (na) 661m 11,668.71km 11,570.64km
45 EFFECT Twist (eu) 646m 2,321.68km 4,328.08km
46 F7 HCR (na) 640m 3,630.74km 4,561.55km
47 LegitPedik (eu) 636m 5,661.61km 6,515.43km
48 LegitPedik (na) 636m 3,440.88km 3,915.20km
49 Helix eG (na) 628m 11,151.55km 10,058.13km
50 DeMar FreshTV (na) 627m 19,452.89km 27,025.09km
51 Burninator78 (na) 624m 9,948.74km 7,648.48km
52 SHOEBOTTOM84 (na) 616m 7,977.16km 14,660.78km
53 BOI MaStEr93 (na) 613m 6,631.55km 21,312.95km
54 MQDS Danoni (as) 613m 6,421.62km 19,406.83km
55 BOI MaStEr93 (eu) 613m 6,422.74km 19,417.09km
56 MQDS Danoni (oc) 613m 6,421.62km 19,406.83km
57 MQDS Danoni (sa) 613m 6,638.60km 20,876.64km
58 Pro OpTikZ (eu) 610m 11,490.55km 18,173.01km
59 Pro OpTikZ (na) 610m 8,716.50km 15,258.47km
60 Pro OpTikZ (as) 610m 6,922.54km 13,183.09km
61 Pro OpTikZ (oc) 610m 7,020.55km 13,338.08km
62 Pro OpTikZ (sa) 610m 6,927.11km 13,184.75km
63 SMZ Cebureki (eu) 602m 16,996.86km 8,395.96km
64 SMZ Cebureki (na) 602m 11,626.17km 6,121.72km
65 SMZ Cebureki (sa) 602m 9,663.69km 5,405.16km
66 SMZ Cebureki (as) 602m 9,675.47km 5,409.26km
67 SMZ Cebureki (oc) 602m 9,752.83km 5,432.51km
68 ItzMunroo (na) 602m 8,011.06km 9,291.94km
69 TX RedFox 1 (na) 602m 27,634.19km 20,401.23km
70 Deathscythe FJH (na) 601m 11,106.00km 12,112.33km
71 BigJacko UK (na) 601m 1,520.05km 5,398.39km
72 BigJacko UK (eu) 601m 4,355.60km 11,345.18km
73 BigJacko UK (as) 601m 1,512.04km 5,375.50km
74 BigJacko UK (oc) 601m 1,512.04km 5,375.50km
75 BigJacko UK (sa) 601m 1,512.04km 5,375.50km
76 TheDude07 (na) 600m 8,283.07km 11,676.62km
77 HomeGrownLeaf24 (na) 600m 5,232.96km 6,476.16km
78 kattukis (na) 600m 25,711.74km 22,786.33km
79 kattukis (as) 600m 9,183.82km 12,121.98km
80 kattukis (eu) 600m 9,401.91km 12,265.58km
81 kattukis (oc) 600m 9,231.28km 12,171.54km
82 kattukis (sa) 600m 9,177.30km 12,118.16km
83 ColeTrane (na) 600m 4,540.24km 6,735.28km
84 ColeTrane (as) 600m 1,900.58km 3,234.53km
85 ColeTrane (eu) 600m 1,909.66km 3,241.21km
86 AOD Dreamkilla (na) 600m 25,079.35km 25,311.35km
87 qlimm (na) 599m 5,793.80km 9,245.87km
88 qlimm (as) 599m 3,782.00km 5,458.12km
89 qlimm (eu) 599m 3,782.00km 5,458.12km
90 cliffchirper (oc) 599m 3,782.00km 5,458.12km
91 cliffchirper (sa) 599m 3,782.00km 5,458.12km
92 Funki32 (na) 599m 5,037.88km 4,607.62km
93 RFatt16 (na) 599m 26,808.49km 15,556.22km
94 WT Arty420 (na) 598m 1,639.62km 4,322.33km
95 iTzLaurii (na) 598m 589.09km 534.98km
96 internet360 (eu) 598m 16,791.76km 10,145.31km
97 internet360 (na) 598m 14,412.01km 9,067.15km
98 internet360 (oc) 598m 12,699.50km 7,720.59km
99 internet360 (sa) 598m 12,699.50km 7,719.96km
100 mycues23 (na) 598m 2,432.54km 1,957.86km

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